Aral Balkan, ein Netzaktivist, hat vor längerer Zeit einen interessanten Artikel über die großen Tech-Konzerne geschrieben.

Hier ein paar Zitathappen, die Appetit auf den Artikel machen sollten.

It used to be that we read newspapers. Today, newspapers read us. As you watch YouTube, so does YouTube watch you.

Google, Facebook, and other surveillance capitalist are factory farms for human beings. They make their billions by farming you for your data and exploiting that intimate insight into your life to manipulate your behaviour.

Conversely, an unethical technology is a tool owned and controlled by corporations and governments. It furthers their interests at the expense of yours. It is a shiny trap designed to capture your attention, addict you, track your every move, and profile you. It is a factory farm disguised as a playground.

Ethical technology does not grow on trees; you have to fund it. How you fund it matters.

Unethical technology is funded by venture capital. Venture capital doesn’t invest in a business, it invests in the sale of the business.

Hier geht’s zum Artikel in englischer Sprache:

Die deutsche Version findet sich hier:

Passend dazu auch ein 17 min. Video, in dem er eine Rede im Europäischen Parlament zum Thema Internetregulierung hält.

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